In-Depth Review Of Helle Temagami Carbon Knife

The Helle Temagami is packaged very well and lika all Helle knives comes in a presentation tube with a warranty card and cleaning cloth. Les Stroud’s signature can be seen across the tube, but this will be the only place that you will find his name. It does not appear on the knife or sheath. This may have been intentional or not, the fact is I like it. Instead of making a huge fuss about having his name on the blade, like other outdoor survivors, the blade simply has Helle’s stamp, the name of the knife and if it is carbon or stainless. Les Stroud, I like the subtlety a lot.

I have been using the Helle Temagami for over three moonths now, from carving to making feather sticks to using around camp. In all of these situations I have found that blade to be very sharp and strong, the handle to be pretty comfortable and the sheath adequate to secure the knife when ot in use. Let’s look at the details.

Helle Temagami Carbon Knife

The Helle Temagami Knife

The blade is just less than 3mm thick carbon steel and is triple laminated (which is Helle’s trademark triple lamination see here). The tang is not full but fills half of the handle and runs all the way down to the end. I have a feeling that this was something that Les Stroud would have insisted on for a absolute minimum. Any knife designed for the bush should have a good strong tang, and the one featured on the Temagami is strong, more so than the normal Helle ‘rat tall’ tangs but not as strong as a true full tang knife.

Helle Temagami

On a small section of the spine there are three grooves which were supposed to help when striking a firesteel with the knife, however the triple lamination process used by Helle means that the steel on the outside is too soft to scrape off material from the firesteel. So Helle has issued an update to address the issue. The grooves will now only help with their primary role which was to help grip the knife when sknning game.

The Helle Temagami has a drop point blade and a Scandinavian grind which is about 7mm deep, again this is very usable, however on my Timberwolf the grind is 10mm deep and is so strong when it comes to parting fibres in wood. The Helle Temagami is still very strong but lags slightly behind the thicker custom made knives.

Helle Temagami

The metal is secured to the handle by three rivets, one of which is hollow to allow for a lanyard. The Handle wood is Masurian Brich (Curly Birch) which has been soaked in linseed oil and been rolled in bee’s wax which makes the grip very good and easy to use. I would have liked to see a slightly fatter palm swell for extended periods of use, even though the grip works very well in both the forehand and chest lever grips, it’s with the latter where my hands tend to be uncomfortable, as the handle is too pronounced it can hurt the back of the knuckles, but it’s only in extended use.

The sheath is made from full grain leather and is very simple design. It can be used bothe ways, for left and right side carry. There is a plastic insert which protects the leather from being cut but as with any knife you should always be careful when you take it out of its sheath. The sheath does its job and grips the knife securely, but I would have liked to see a fastening or a deeper sheath design on the Helle Temagami.

The added weight of the bigger tang means the knife feels more balanced in the hand which allows you to have greater control on applying force. The balance of the Temagami is the best I have seen in a Helle knife. My other models have suffered from being far too top heavy which resulted in titing forward when you loosend your grip on the knife. Withe the Temagami I can hold it in my open hand without it falling forwards. For example the Helle GT is very unbalanced and unless you grip it firmly the knife will always fall forwards.

As the blade holds a very sharp edge it makes starting a fire vey easy as you can produce a large amount of feather sticks with ease, although you will have to carry a separate firesteel and striker as the Helle Temagami does not work them. Carving is great with this knife out the box too and if you want to you can strop the blade, which really gives it a razors edge.

Tasks like battoning have never seemed to go hand in hand with Helle knives as the mostly have those very thin ‘rat tail’ tangs but the Temagami is different. I like the fact that the knife has enough of a proper tang to be able to split small to medium bits of wood. I normally stop at about 4cm in diameter when using the Temagami, anything bigger and I would use my axe or a heavier thicker knife like my Timberwold. You have to remeber that the Helle Temagami is a rather thin subtle knife.


The features and benefits you get from the Helle Temagami are right up there with the custom made bushcraft knives but the Tamagami is always beaten. It would be great as your first bushcraft knife or as a step up from a Mora Clipper. If you are looking for a slightly lighter weight kiking knife then I would say the Temagami would be worth a look as it lacks both a full tang and those extra mm’s on the blade thickness which make it a lot lighter and more suited to light weight travel, yet if you were hiking into remote areas would you take the Temagami?

As with any outdoor purchase it’s about matching what you need to waht you have to spend. I llike the Temagami a lot but if I was going to pick a knife right now to take with me to the remote wilderness it would not be the Helle Temagami as it lacks that complete full tang.

It is one of the best production knives I have used and I will say it’s easily Helle’s best knife so far. Its great for English bushcraft with tasks that are lighter and easier on the knife.

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Helle Temagami Knife – Great Companion Hunter Knife

As one of the best survival knives, I am very happy to introduce a great companion hunter knife to you. Most of my survival activities, I would like to bring this knife along with me, it’s a great companion hunter knife. Not only because the triple laminate stell, harder in the middle and softer on the sides, allows the blade to maintain a sharp dege longer, but also the sheath is a work of art. I love knives and own at least a dozen, but Helle Temagami knife is my best-loved.

Helle has been making their knives by hand since 1932 in the small village of Holmedal, which is an old forge near the home of the founding brothers. This family-owned business has developed a reputation for creating handcrafted knives from only the highest quality material: a tradition that still stands today despite the proliferation of robotically created knives. The knife soon became extremely popular among the locals and their fame spread to other towns. That’s when the two brothers packed their bags full of knives and set off towards the east to set up the foundations of this modern day knife manufacturing company!

To our great surprise, most of the Helle knives are made manually in order to stick to the core philosophy of quality craftsmanship until now. No wonder that more and more survival enthusiasts are pride of owning the Helle Temagami knife. In addition, each of their knives is specifically designed to meet the demands of the outdoor enthusiast and to last for generations. I have been using the Helle Temagami for over three months now, from carving to making feather sticks to using around camp. In all of these situations I have found the blade to be very sharp and strong, the handle to be pretty comfortable and the sheath adequate to secure the knife when not in use.


Helle Temagami

And that’s why the Helle Temagami “full tang” knife is so sought after because apart from being of the highest quality, it’s designed by the famous outdoor survivalist Less Stroud (host of the popular American show called Survivor Man). This 4.13 inch fixed blade knife is made of triple laminated stainless steel and features high carbon steel at its core. The core in turn is then surrounded by 2 layers of super tough laminated steel just like the original Japanese Katana swords.

This means that the Helle Temagami holds an extremely keen edge. And before you tell me that high carbon steel tends to brittle, I would like to point out that the designer overcame this by surrounding it with 2 laminated layers of stainless steel which in turn makes this blade sharp, tough and resistant to rust.

Another thing you’ll notice about this survival knife is that the steel tang is exposed at the top as well as at the pommel end of the hilt. Instead, the handle is covered by burl Maple wood and also has a finger guard built in to protect your index finger during slippery conditions.

Helle Temagami Survival Knife Review

I find the this handle shape really suitable for my needs and personally, I also like the fact that the Temagami CA comes equipped with a Scandinavian style sheath which means I don’t need to worry about securing my knife with additional straps or anything.

Thanks to the slight forward angle of the drop point of the blade, the knife gets additional cutting power while the straight edge combined with the sweep to the tip of the blade lends an exquisite touch to the knife as a whole. This also gives the user better control over the knife while creating and setting spring snares and also makes it much easier to skin animals caught in those snares. You’ll have particular fun while gutting trout and you’ll realize for yourself why it’s so much easier using this knife.

However, I have a few concerns with this knife being a pure survival knife because firstly its way too short in my opinion. I personally prefer my survival knives to be longer so that’s why I feel that the Helle Temagami would be better suited as a companion tool to a larger and heavier survival knife. A longer, larger knife helps you cut and shape saplings much better for building shelter and personally, a longer blade also helps to pry off fallen material on your makeshift tent.

Also, I did face a few issues while building different kinds of traps for fish, squirrel and birds simply because of the above stated fact that you need a long heavy knife to cut and shape sapling for building such snares. The Temagami fails in that department and also I was not too particularly pleased with the narrow, flat ground bevel because it requires the user to create a deep secondary bevel when initially sharpening the knife in order to create a truly razor sharp edge.

Helle Temagami Survival Knife

If only the initial bevel were to be ground a bit wider, then getting a true sharp edge would have become so much easier. And if you widen the initial bevel, then it tends to weaken the edge as well. However, that said, I don’t see why widening the bevel would create a problem for the user simply because the knife itself is not too large to chop with and hence it won’t limit the user’s ability to carve and slice objects.

In addition, the Helle web site makes no mention of whether or not the maple burl used in the handle of the Temagami is stabilized (pressure impregnated with epoxy resin) and I can tell you from personal experience that non-stabilized wooden knife handles do eventually absorb moisture and swell somewhat. Also, the knife has a wooden handle which is not a particularly tough material when you compare it to other similar knife materials such as Micarta, Rucartca, Grivory, and Krayton.

All in all, it’s a great knife to have with you but personally speaking from experience, I feel the Helle Temagami is better suited as a companion knife or a dedicated hunter knife simply because of its small size combined with the maple burl handle.

ESEE-6 Survival Knife Review

The minute I laid my eyes on the ESEE-6 survival knife and read it specifications, I thought to myself that “this knife looks like one that’ll pack a punch!” And the reaction was further justified when I saw the photographs of a fellow survivalist holding the knife proudly alongside a butchered Crocodile!

The History of ESEE Knives:

Before I deep dive into this detailed ESEE-6 Survival Knife review, I think it’s only fair that I tell you a little bit about the history of this knife and the firm that manufactures it. The ESEE knives are manufactured by the Randall’s Adventure Training Company and have been in existence since 1997. It was started by 2 outdoor enthusiast and experts, Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin as an outdoor survival training agency providing global training, gear, and logistical solutions to military and law enforcement agencies as well as civilians in remote environments.

ESEE knives take a long time to come out of production simply because of the fact that the company spends an insane amount of time field testing each new prototype and incorporating user feedback at every level. Only then, does the knife make it to the production stage!

ESEE-6 Survival Knife Review

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Then comes an even better and exciting part – The finished knife is then tested (again!) in outdoor survival situations and even in the Amazon jungles by users around the world who pass on their feedback which once again gets incorporated in future models. The reason why I’m telling you this story is because it fascinated me the 1st time I heard it and more importantly, it told me that I was buying a knife that has been thoroughly tested by the best professionals in the world in real-life outdoor situations.

Detailed ESEE-6 Knife Review:

With an overall length of 11 3/4’’ and a drop point blade that measures 6 1/2’ in length, the ESEE-6 is a true delight to hold in your hands. It’s made using 3/16’, 1095 carbon steel and has a flat ground bevel to match its look. There’s a powdered coating on the blade and you can choose that between textured black or olive drab green powder.

As with most of the top survival knives, the ESEE-6 survival knife too comes with the choice of serrated or non-serrated edges and this full tang knife also comes equipped with handle slabs made from canvas Micarta. It has an exposed pommel and lanyard loop at the end and the one I bought also came equipped with a kydex sheath.

Honestly speaking, I found the ESEE-5 to be a lot better looking than this knife but overall the functionality, design and performance makes this an even better knife. The makers have made the rather unusual choice of making the drop point quite long but it does serve its purpose well and this demonstrated quite evidently in the tasks that the ESEE-6 performs with ease.


Thus, the designers of the ESEE-6 chose wisely when designing this knife because every line of this knife focuses specifically on its intended purpose as an outdoor survival tool. For instance, the drop point blade shape is one of my favorites because the tip of the blade is situated out of the way when skinning game so you can see exactly what you are doing and thus, you have the greatest amount of control over the knife which is very important when you need to preserve the hides intact for later use. Additionally, , the long, straight section of the blade’s edge provides the user with a plenty of room to make those long carving strokes and for this reason it also becomes an effective slicing tool.

The blade transitions into a beautiful sweep with the perfect angle at the tip and you’ll realize how easy it is to skin animals with this hunting knife. The ESEE-5 had a small ricasso accompanying it but in the ESEE-6, the manufacturers decided to grind a large?choil into the blade for the same purpose. Unusual but still effective!

I personally loved the handle design on this one. The grip is much better and the handle is larger than the one I saw on the ESEE-5 while the canvas Micarta on the handle makes gripping extremely easy and comfortable. It’s impervious to heat, cold, abrasion, impact and most chemicals and is a good durable substance.

Also, the shape of the grip is obviously designed with knowledge of the anatomy of the human hand in mind since it incorporates a slight reverse taper with a noticeable downward curve at the end which causes it to very closely follow the dimensions of the user’s hand. Additionally, a unique feature that I observed was that the canvas Micarta slabs were affixed to the full tang in three different places for a secure fit and the tang extends out of the back of the Micarta slabs to form an exposed pommel with a lanyard loop.

ESEE-6 Survival Knife

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The only minor issue I faced with this survival knife is the fact that instead of stainless steel, the blade is made up of 1095 carbon steel which although a good choice, is subject to corrosion especially during the wet season. The manufacturers have more than made up for it though with a baked on powder coating which essentially protects the entire blade except the edge of your knife.

I always prefer my knives to be in the Rockwell hardness range of around 55-59 and the ESEE-6 is no exception with an HRC rating of 55-57 which is an excellent hardness point for survival knife blades. It’s hard enough to hold and retain its edge and thanks to the powder coating on the blade, the maintenance is reduced to a bare minimum.

Summing Up:

To sum up this detailed ESEE-6 survival knife review, I’d give it a solid 9 stars out of 10 because not only is this one of the most dedicated survival knives in the market but because it also has been designed very well.

The 6.5 inch blade is long enough to be used as an effective chopping tool and has just the right amount of weight to it. The flat ground bevel combines brilliantly with the long edge while the excellent sweep makes this the perfect chopping and hunting knife.

The only point where this knife misses out is on the fact that it’s made from 1/4’’ steel whereas I would have preferred a 3/16” steel which would have added a little more weight to the knife along with a little strength.

What the Hell is a Full Tang?

A lot of people are confused souls when it comes to buying a knife and especially because they don’t even know where to begin their search. Believe me, I totally agree with them because with all the choices out there, it does become a really difficult task and that’s really one of the reasons why I started this site to help people buy best survival knives.

Before buying any knife, the first thing you need to ask yourself is the purpose why you want to buy a knife in the first place. If your primary aim is to use it as a durable tool to do small tasks around the house, then simply any knife will do. You don’t need to go in for expensive or hi-tech knives; a simple household knife is more than enough!

But if you’re the more adventurous and outdoor types, who loves to go hunting and want to buy a good hunting knife or something that will serve as a potential survival tool, then you’ll need to upgrade your search a bit and go in for better, higher quality knives. These survival knives tend to be a tad more expensive but believe me, when you out in the wild, you need a high quality survival tool by your side (I’ve covered some great, inexpensive survival knives?in this post here)

My personal opinion along with other knife experts seems to be biased a bit towards survival knives that have a fixed blade, also known as full tang knives. Basically, a full tang means that the entire knife is one complete bit of metal as compared to a knife that has only a partial blade.

What is full tang

I’ve used both full tang and partial tang knives all through my life and given a choice, I’d always lean towards a full tang knife because they’re sturdier and there’s a less chance of breakage. Even the strongest partial tang knife does tend to give way as compared to a full tang and that’s one of the primary parameters that you need to keep in mind.

Mostly I’ve seen people prefer partial tang over full tang based on price because partial tang knives are slightly cheaper than full tang knives. I would rather spend a few dollars more and opt for a full tang rather than have my knife blade be broken in the middle of wilderness!

Once you’ve gotten this dilemma out of the way, it’s time to move onto other knife buying criteria such as choosing the size and shape of the handle, the right blade material (such as SS or carbon steel), the sheath material and the length of the knife blade. These factors are much easier to determine and choose and you shouldn’t face much problem with all this.

So remember, the knife buying criteria starts of when you decide the purpose of our buying a knife. All other things will then fall into place by themselves and your overall process of buying a good knife will become all the easier and simpler.

SOG Pentagon Knife S14-N – Rorke Denver Would Choose To Carry On Missions

I recently read the fantastic book Damn Few: Making the Modern SEAL Warrior by Rorke Denver. The book in itself is a fascinating read about the training and mentality of some of the most elite warriors on the planet.

Though the section about knives is short, and more of a tactical nature, there was some interesting take aways:

“A Folding knife is a broken knife. Great in your pocket at home, not so great in battle.”

“For most SEALs the big Rambo knife is mostly a myth”

In hiw own words, Rorke would like to choose SOG Pentagon S14-N to carry on missions.

SOG Pentagon

The SOG Pentagon knife is an interesting litlle knife. What other knife solves the age old dilemma of carrying a plain edge or a serrated edge so effortlessly?

This is a full tang knife with a Kraton handle. Kraton is a popular polymer used with a lot of fixed blade knives. It feels soft but it is very resistant to wear. The Kraton is nicely textured and provides outstanding grip wet or dry, with our without gloves. There ia a lanyard hole near the pommel which you could use for added security. Since this isn’t a chopping knife, I typically leave the lanyard at home. This is an incredibly comfortable handle and I think SOG Pentagon generally did a great job with it.

SOG Pentagon

The SOG Pentagon is truly a wicked blade. 2 edges make this knife incredibly versatile and potentially dangerous. It is an out tactical knife designed as a backup for military personal and law enforcement. However, there maybe some minor issues with this knife depending on your point of view. The lack of a finger guard bothers me a little and some may like to see SOG use a steel that holds an edge longer. That said, there is a lot of value in this life, and wehn you consider that this good sized doubled edged blade can be had for around $60 these issues become very forgivable.


My Detailed Puma Bowie Hunting Knife Review

One of the most prominent knife crafting centers in the world lies in a quiet corner of Germany in a city called Solingen. It’s a city that’s known to have produced master craftsmen over the years and specially in crafting high quality hunting and survival knives. One of the key manufacturers located there is Puma knives which is an integral part of this German culture of producing fine quality knives and tools.

That’s why the Puma Bowie Knife is a master class hunting knife in itself. With an overall length of 11.5 inches, it also features a 6 inch California Clip Point blade that’s made from 440C stainless steel. The blade has a hollow, saber grind and has a hardness of 57-60 on the Rockwell scale. What I also liked in the Puma Bowie Hunting Knife is the fact that it comes with stainless steel bolster that has naturally dropped, stag antler, handle slabs and a very fine made quality leather sheath.

Puma Bowie Knife

I’ve used the Puma White Hunter knife before so if you look at it that ways, I have some experience with this brand and let me tell you, it screams pure quality. I still remember when we were young, a lot of old hardware stores carried a bunch of Case, Buck and Old Timer knives but there were a few special stores that had these German-made Puma knives on display. Boy, did I spend a lot of time gazing at those cases!

So when I bought this hunting knife, it was with a lot of excitement and expectation and thankfully, the knife did live up to its reputation. This 6 inch clip point blade is actually a very well designed hunting knife that’s made from 440C stainless steel and has a good sweep and edge to it. I’ve used this against large game and believe me; the knife really holds its edge well throughout the entire process.

Another good thing about the Puma Bowie knife is that it’s highly corrosion resistant, thanks to the 18% chromium content in it. And a unique thing about this knife is that it features handle slabs that are made from the antlers of a wild stag and this is done via a complex manufacturing process which makes this knife a truly unique one!


For those who’re really interested in knowing how the above works, I’ve outlined a brief of the entire process below:

  • First, each scale is boiled, stabilized and dried over a period of weeks.
  • Next, the slabs are individually cut and hand fitted to the knife and brass rivets are then used to attach the scales to the tang.
  • Last, the rivet heads are filed and finally, the handle is burnished to a precise size and shape for optimal fit and function.

This not only makes the Puma Bowie a unique hunting knife but it’s an example to all other knives out there as to what a quality hunting knife should be like. Unlike other knives there are no rattles, plastic parts or parts that can be wiggled by hand. This is truly a man’s knife, a hunter’s knife. And a hunter demands exceptional quality in his gear. The knife comes razor sharp and holds an edge well. It is hefty enough to chop samll limbs. I have field dressed, skinned and butchered to deer with mine since I purchased it. It performs campsite chores easily as well.

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I, for one, am really proud of my Puma Bowie knife. It might not hold the same meaning for a 8 year old boy longing for it, but Puma Knives are still made with the same quality materials, meticulous hand-craftsmanship, and acute attention to detail that they always have been.

How To Find Out the Best Survival Knife

How To Find Out the Best Survival Knife

Survival Knives are vital for one’s survival out in the wilderrness. They are adapted to serve a number of roles when being out there,such as food preparation, firewood preparation,digging a hole in the ground for fire pit or food storage. There are a lot of survival knives out there that can do a decent job. However, I wanted to save my readers the trouble of doing all the research on their own and that’s why I’ve included my personal list of the Top 5 survival Knives along with a detailed review of each one.

This will not only save you hours of research time, but you can be rest assured that these have only been chosen and put on this list after thorough personal testing and discussion with other knife experts. So without further ado, let’s move onto these amazing survival knives.

1. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife

One of the most popular survival blades out there in the market these days is the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion and its popularity can be judged by the fact that this knife’s got over 500 positive reviews on Amazon which means that not only me, but other knife enthusiasts, too, have used this survival knife and appreciated it.

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife

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One look at the blade is enough to make your heart yearn for it. It looks pretty solid design wise and it’s build to last grilling outdoors. The knife is pretty long at 10.5 inches (with a blade length of 5.5 inches) which means that there’s plenty of room to cut and chop your way through thick foliage or use it in other survival situations.

I’ve used this knife personally for skinning fresh meat and the 1095 Cro-van steel is perfect for the job. Apart from that, it can also be used for skinning potatoes especially in those times when there’s no meat around.

Another reason why I loved the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion knife is that’s it priced very economically. Considering the quality, durability and craftsmanship of this survival knife, one would expect it to cost over a hundred dollars but that’s the best part about this – you can pick this great survival tool for just around $80!

2. Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife with Leather Sheath

If you’re looking for the best survival knife in the market, then another one that fits the bill perfectly according to me is the?Spyderco?Bushcraft G-10 Plain Edge Knife. This amazing bush-craft knife has been designed by the famous expert Chris Claycombe and is truly one of the best full tang knives in the market right now.

Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife with Leather Sheath

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While the overall length of the knife is 8.75 inches, the cutting edge of the knife is 3.9 inches. It also has a 0.23 inch blade hole along with a 0.14 inch blade thickness and features a Scandinavian grind. It’s well balanced and the polished micarta is extremely comfortable to hold.

I?didn’t?face any problems while sharpening this on a whetstone and the sheath works well for holding the blade. Since this is made of carbon steel, I personally apply a touch of oil while using it outdoors as it really helps to prevent any rust formation on the blade.

All in all, this knife truly deserves its place in this list and the best part is that currently, Amazon is?offering a huge 38% discount as well on this beauty!

3.Benchmade Knife 15031-2 North Fork Folder Wood

Top on my list of the 5 best survival knives is the Marc Lee Glory Knife that literally takes your breath away in a single look. I got this as a gift from a close friend of mine and ever since that day, this has become a constant companion on every one of my outdoor jungle trips.

Benchmade Knife 15031-2

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With a blade length of 7.3 inches and an overall length of 12.5 inch, the Marc Lee Glory comes with a BK1 coating and a re-curve blade. This full tang knife has a really sold grip and is scratch resistant while the BK1 coating helps prevent the blade from being corroded when exposed to salt water.

I personally love the balance of this survival knife and can appreciate the amount of hard work that would have gone into making the design and quality top-notch. Also, it’s a great way to honor those American soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq because this knife was conceived as a tribute to Officer Marc Lee of the US Navy SEAL.

4.Tom Brown Tracker, Gray Micarta Handle, Black Blade, Kydex Model TBT-010

At #2 on this list of the top 5 survival knives is the Tom Brown Tracker Gray Micarta Handle, Black Blade which is literally like a mini-axe in your hands! With this super-sharp blade, I’ve myself cut down a 3 inch wide tree without breaking a sweat so this one does wield some superb power.

Tom Brown Tracker

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The blade is made of high carbon steel and is 3.5 inches in length and comes with a nice Kydex sheath with 2 rotating steel spring clips to keep this beauty in place.

This full tang knife is a true outdoor knife and?I’ve personally used it in so many situations like filleting fishes or gutting out game. It’s solid, has just the right balance and throws beautifully!

5.ESEE 6P-B Plain Edge Fixed Blade Survival Knife with Grey Micarta Handle

One of my personal favorites based on the sheer size and quality of the blade is the ESEE 6P-B Plain Black Blade with Grey Removable Micarta Handles. The overall knife length is around 11.75 inches while the blade length is just about 6.5 inches which makes this one of the largest knifes that I’ve ever used personally.


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However, the bigger length means that the ESEE 6P-B is very handy when it comes to chopping wood or clearing overhead foliage and one sharp swipe of the blade is enough to do the job. I also like the fact that this weighs just under 12 ounces which for me is just about the right weight of the blade and lends an extra durability factor to it (and also because it’s a 1095 carbon steel blade so the quality and finish is really good)

This one’s priced a little on the higher side for $138; however, you’re ensuring that you not only get an amazing fixed, full tang blade but one that’s been thoroughly tested and appreciated for its quality. And it’s not just me who loves this knife; the ESEE 6P-B has received a perfect 5 Star rating from other folks at Amazon as well!

Honorable Mention: The Original KA-Bar Utility & Fighting Knife

All of the knives above are more modern and have years of use and expertise put into their design. However, my own first substantial knife purchase was a KA-Bar. With the clip point, synthetic handle, black blade coating, partial serrations, and kydex sheath, it sure is an impressive looking tool. Sure it may not be that great at skinning and gutting animals, or maybe the serrations will get destroyed if using it to chop wood, but I am still happy this was my first purchase.

Sure having other, more advanced survival knives now is a good thing. But my KA-Bar still gets a permanent place in either my EDC bag, emergency trunk get home bag, or my at home go bag (aka bug out bag).

And when I go hiking, it has a prominent place on the outside of my pack. Since the origin of the KA-Bar name means “Kill A Bear” I figure this is a good one to carry. Why mess with success?

Of all the survival knives on this site, the KA-Bar has arguably the most storied history.

If you can’t decide on what you want, why not give this one a look.

Keep in mind that the leather handle and leather sheath versions look more historic, but require a lot more maintenance.

What exactly is a Survival Knife?

For all those who love hiking, backpacking, camping or any strenuous outdoor environmental activity, one of the most essential tools that can mean the difference between life and death is a survival knife. Believe me when I say that it’s your best friend and defense in the world in case you get lost in the wilderness (which I have) and can be used in a number of life-saving situations such as building shelter, skinning food, starting fires, digging pits, clearing branches and a whole lot of other things.

Survival knifes are generally of two types: a fixed blade (or called?full tang) and a folding knife (also called partial tang). A full tang blade is considered by many experts to be more reliable than a partial tang blade simply because it’s less prone to breaking and allows the user to use the blade safely in extreme pressure. However, a folding knife too has its uses because it’s more affordable than a full tang knife and can be used in a lot of similar situations as well.

These days it’s become a popular choice to own at least 2-3 good survival knives and even Hollywood is making people aware of this fact. I’m sure a lot of you would be aware of the sitcom “Lost” so you?wouldn’t?have missed seeing John Locke use those amazing Ka-Bar Full-sized USMC and Master Bowie knives in so many situations.

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